Chubby Checker’s Dancin’ Party

Chubby Checker's Dancin' Party

Chubby Checker's Dancin' Party

I have multiple locations where I hoard the vast quantity of crap I find in the street.

I am a compulsive looker at any piece of paper or such like that I see on the floor – always worth a look in case its a forgotten gem.

Anyway, I figure the blog is an ideal way to share these finds with the general populous and so started the immense task of going through said found objects to put them in one place and see what I have actually got!

Whilst going through one drawer of stuff – this caught my eye.

Can’t remember exactly when or where I found it…and sadly there was no 7″ inside.  However, I strongly suspect that the cover art is better than any music that could have been contained inside!

However, I did take the liberty of checking out the tune itself, found a clip on YouTube of the Mr Checker performing this little number.  Click here to see Chubby Checker perform Dancin’ Party on YouTube

After listening, I still think the artwork is better than the track!  In three simple images they manage to portray the true genius of his dancin’ style and I can only imagine that any Dancin’ Party was improved by the his moves.

I particularly like his facial expressions…starting from the left:

  1. Extreme concentration – Chubby is obviously aware that by putting his left leg and left arm forward at the same time, he is opening himself up for potential disaster.  He must use all his Dancin’ Party knowledge to pull off the move.
  2. Smug and proud – His face and body language say it all.  Having pulled off the tricky dance move as described above – he knows he can do no wrong.  We see a more relaxed Chubby.
  3. Pure ecstasy – It looks like he is doing a Cossack dance, which would bring joy to anyone’s face.  Either that or he has just ripped the seam of his trousers.

Thanks Chubby!

By the way, is it just me or was Chubby Checker not-so-chubby?

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