Like many other people who have grown up with the sounds of the Beastie Boys in their ears and used them as an entry point into a biorader appreciation for Hip Hop, I was gutted when I heard MCA (Adam Yauch) died the other week.

Whilst many tribute pieces were slapped up on social media fairly rapidly and all the news channels covered it to a lesser or greated extent, no doubt the best tributre to the man I have come accross so far is a piece of Graffiti in good old Brighton Town painted by the Heavy Artillery Graffiti crew.

Spanning the length of a wall just off London Road (round the corner in fact from an array of other great paintings) it lies in wait.  I had heard rumours of something being done around that part of town, so paid a visit the other day and was blown away by how good it is. They say a picture (or painting) speaks a thousand words, so here are a few snaps of it in all its glory (well, see it in the flesh for its true glory!)

The other great tribute to emerge is of course the re-working of the Sabotage video acted out by a bunch of kids.  Video maker James Winters directed the tribute and it is a little bit special:


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