ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER (moving to Hastings and related excuses)


Well hello there strangers.

Prior to starting my latest scribble, I was tempted to cast an eye back on when I last posted, but fear got the better of me so I have decided to plunge back into things, whilst maintaining an ignorant bliss as to when I last set fingers to keyboard.

Wonky Lamp – Wonky Plant (2011)


I know what you are thinking and what can I say – it has been a rather busy few months.  So busy in fact that I hung up my Internet shoes and have hardly ventured into the murky waters of the websphere for the lions share of the summer.  In fact, I wish I was a large wild cat and could have bitten off a large slice of the summer months and skulked off under the shade of a tree with them to slowly gnaw on their goodness.

Instead, following a summer of manic busy chaos thus blog neglect, I sit here now penning this to you as the wind and rain batter my new studio window in not-so-sunny Hastings.


That is right, you did hear correct.  The major event of the summer that stunted my Internet web trickery was moving from Brighton to Hastings.  A short jaunt down the coast when looked at on a map, but a whole sea of change (sea of change…that is a deliberate and clever pun. I thank you very much).

So I sit here now in my studio…

Chess Heads (2011)


That is right, you did hear correct.  The move meant me and the good lady Hannah could get more bang for our buck.  And by bang I mean room and by buck I mean rent. Hence I can now carry out my world takeover from the dedicated space of a studio.

But you don’t care about that, you care about the neglect, the lack of love and my complete abandonment of you all.


To that, all I can do is apologise and assure you that I now have a new town to explore, photograph and waffle about on these here pages – not to mention the backlog of a few months worth of new fun and frolics to sort, sift, report on and enjoy!

So without further a do I will keep you no more, it would seem rude after such an absence.  Rest assured that my eye is now firmly gazing once more upon your world and to prove it, here are a few snaps I took during the chaotic first few days of the new abode.

Love to all




Get the Important Things Sorted First (2011)

Baby New Potatoes (2011)

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