It’s alive!

Where the magic happened!

Where the magic happened!

Finally – I’m online

Well, its finally happened.

Procrastination, laziness and ignorance has meant my web presence has been less than favourable for some time.

I have been meaning to get my website up and running for many months, but the fear of having to delve into the word of HTML, CSS and PHP was too much to bare.

So I decided on a two prong attack:

  1. Get the blog part of my site up and running as a separate entity…namely
  2. Once that was up and running, start trying to figure our how to build a website.

So, here we are!  One Easter bank holiday weekend later and its ready for use!  I would love to declare it was as easy as I hoped…but as with all web stuff…most of the guides and information about how to do stuff is written with the understanding you have some form of prior understanding!  My understanding is limited to stealing code from where I can and seeing if I can figure out how it works!

Still – armed with my trusty Mac, a couple of ‘For Dummies’ books, plenty of coffee, Haribo and chocolate and I’m up and running.

Should also give a mention to the author of this Word press theme – Max Is Now.  The theme I used as a template is called ‘Threat To Creativity’.  After much searching, I really liked his theme as it was a bit more interesting than some of the standard layouts and kinda sat with my aesthetics better.


After completing the Word press Easter Mission – thought it would be appropriate to illustrate the launch with a photo of my (less than adequate) workspace.  So cracked out the Polaroid back for my Mamiya, which hasn’t seen the light of day for some time.

Love the look of Polaroids – they always have a 70’s feel about them!  I also love the ghost image you get when you peel the back off…often more interesting than the actual photograph.  Look!…

The back 'Ghost Image' of the Polaroid of my desk

The back 'Ghost Image' of the Polaroid of my desk

I hope you enjoy this blog, if you would like to get in touch or subscribe to updates – please follow the links in the sidebar.



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