Kinematograph Still – John House


I have been working on a new series of films that I have dubbed Kinematograph’s.

This is a new project I have developed whilst making other work, which came  about from a desire  to making moving photographs.  I often spot a scene I want to  take a shot of, however, the scene  never quite works as a still image because the  movement within it is integral to why I am drawn to  it.

As a reaction to this, I began to make short films of these shots, with the camera in  a static  position and the sound removed – they become moving photographs.

The term Kinematograph is a homage to an early motion picture camera from the  late 19th Century, which also served as a projector and developer.  The name  seemed an appropriate choice given the motives behind making this work.

I am going to be showing a couple of my Kinematograph’s for the first time as part of Hastings Coastal Currents Art Festival.  Rarities Productions are turning their beach hut into a cinema for one day only (Sunday 29th September) and will be showing a series of short films. They kindly asked me to participate.  More information on the ‘Beach Shorts’ event can be found on their website here:

I thought I may as well use the opportunity to share these first offerings with teh wider world, so you can also view them on my portfolio site here:

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