Museum of John Film Still

Museum of John Film Still

A chance conversation last week led to an invite by Heather and the gang at the marvelous Parade Gallery in Margate to show a bit of the museum to the general public for the first time.

Parade has an exhibition entitled ‘Curiosity’ which is opening this weekend to run alongside Turner Contemporary‘s new show ‘Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing’.  Should be a great show so please go along if you are in the area and check out their latest offering.

Marine Parade

I have made a little film specially for the show (which you can see below) and the featured objects will be there in the flesh for real life inspection.

Film and blurb…

The Museum of John is a collected of objects amassed over the past 15 years.


The collection is a jumble of personal memorabilia, found objects and acquired items, each of which has intrigued me enough to put into the museum.  Some of the items are very special, some are very poignant, some are funny and others just bizarre.  However, each one is connected by its ability to tell a story about everyday life and the people who take part in it.


Whether it is a written note that has been long forgotten, a worn child’s toy or the indecipherable scribbling’s of a toddler, a thousand conclusions can be drawn about the life of the item and its owner. This one tiny snapshot into another persons life is something that has always fascinated me, it is the reason why the museum exists and I hope it something that will prove interesting to other visitors.


This small sample taken from the collection is the first time items from the museum have been seen by the general public and heralds the start of a process to share these objects with the wider world.


Thank you to the everyday folks and the things they leave behind.


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