Anything in a foreign language appears more interesting

Chinese Fags (2009)

Chinese Fags (2009)

Chinese Fags – an interesting language difference.  Google indexing – a perplexing language difference.

I find these cigarettes interesting – mainly because they have amazing writing on the packet, which I have no comprehension of.

Also because they are different from the packets I am used to seeing.  Somehow, even though they are very similar, they are more exciting because of their minor differences!

So perhaps anything that is in a different language is more interesting to behold than that which is in your own language.

This is probably true for many things.  It is not true for computers.  I hate computer language – it is foreign that is for sure, but more interesting it is not.

This is my first post in a long while.  As you may recall, I have had computer and camera related issues which put a bit of a stop to posting for some time.  The digital camera is still out of action, but the computer working fine again now.

I was all set to begin a new regime of regular posts when I had the genius idea of changing my web hosting company.

In my ignorant fashion, I assumed this would be an easy thing to do.  Get a new host, move everything over, bobs your uncle.

In reality – the foreign language that is computer code and the Internet pissed all over that premise.  Moving the site was a bitch and whilst that has now been achieved – it has destroyed my Google rank!  Why I am not sure, but Google will no longer recognise my humble blog and so I am again stuck head first, trying to decipher a language invented for those more technologically gifted…and perhaps more dedicated than myself!

The saga will never end!

Update your RSS…

By the way – since the domain for this blog has slightly changed (behind the scenes only…not from a readers perspective…you may want to update your RSS feed, if you have one pointing at the site.

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