Hell Is Other People (2009)

Hell Is Other People (2009)


So the first part of the Hair-brained money raising campaign has been and gone and I have failed miserably in my initial quest to raise the dream amount of £220 to get my colouring pencils and new camera lens.  Let alone winning the £3000 dream target that would buy me all my dream possessions in the world.

So, in conclusion, the Lotto is a fix, a sham, a con and a farse.  My system was fool proof.  So fool proof that I reckon a fool must have won.  I managed to get 1 number in Saturday’s draw and that was it AND I had to endure watching 30 minutes of lottery coverage, hosted by the world’s most annoying presented Scott Mills, just to know I hadn’t won!

What are you going to do?

Move onwards and upwards that’s what – I reckon with a bit of thought my next money raising plan can be implemented pronto – watch this space.




I thought it might help everyone to have a graph to chart the progress of the money raising campaign.

Therefore, to your left, you will find a graphical illustration of where we are at so far.  On the left axis, we are looking at money raised.  On the bottom access, attempts to raise money.

As we can extrapolate from this – at first, I had nothing or “£0” as I like to call it.  Then, after attempt 1 at raising cash, I had a deficit of 2 pounds or “-£2” as I like to call it.

Therefore, we can clearly see that spending £2 on Lotto tickets was a mistake and now I have to raise £222 instead of £220.  Live and learn.


This quote by Jean-Paul Sartre struck a cord with me for two reasons:

  1. Other people won the lottery and stole my £2 from me.  Say no more
  2. I was listening to the news and they were interviewing an artist who has introduced a book of quotes to the London Underground.  The idea is that the tube drivers occasionally throw in an interesting or inspiring quote into their announcements to jolly up all the commuters in London town.  When the news presenter asked him for an appropriate quote for a busy, crowded tube journey – he  stated this one by Jean-Paul Satre. 
    At that exact moment, the lovely Hannah Copcutt stated that it was probably my perfect quote!

I thought on and realised that the fact I could ascertain from this statement is that I am a grumpy man who hates the general public, perhaps feeling absolute solitude would provide a more pleasant living environment.

Its true – unless they have big redbeards and strange angled eyes.

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