Kinswood Egg Man

Kinswood Egg Man - protects you from salmonella

Kinswood Egg Man - protects you from salmonella

Bought some eggs the other day at a car boot sale – local and free range.  Nice.

They came from someone who had a small holding, so obviously collected and kept egg boxes so they could sell them at boot sales and alike.

After finished with said eggs, I was about to put the box in the compost heap when,  the incredible egg man that was featured on the front of the box caught my attention.

Check him out – he’s amazing!

However, what really struck me was what the point of the egg man was – what are Kinswood trying to reveal?

A muscle-man, athletic egg man is not the way I would choose to sell eggs!  I can’t work out whether his purpose is to show he is strong and fit and therefore salmonella free…or if by eating the eggs, you will become a athletic, salmonella free egg man!

If the thinking was the latter, then this raises a new problem – I am not sure I want to eat an egg that has bigger muscles than me and wears snazzy red trainers!

God bless designers!

Also reminded me of a comic book Hannah gave me at Christmas called ‘Egg Story’.  The simple tale of a simple egg that becomes a ninja.

Perhaps Eggs are an unexploited form of creativity.

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