A vivid morning

Technicolour Rotunda (2009

Technicolour Rotunda (2009)


I rarely take images like this one – my photographers brain kicks in and thinks the composition is too obvious or has been taken too many times before.

Preston Park is a picturesque place after all, especially at this time of the year.

But, on the way to work today, a bit before 8am, there was an unusual rest in the air. I find that at certain times of the year you get this feeling more than others – spring mornings are certainly one such occasion, as are really crisp winter’s mornings, just after dawn.


The park was very still and silent with an ambience that made it hard not to enter a reflective mood. As I walked through the rose garden, I double took at this scene as it was jumping out at me as though it were a still from a film.

I actually backtracked a few steps to have another look – and for me, in the morning, that’s saying something! Not saying I am lazy…I just hate the mornings and prefer to expel as little energy as possible.

As I looked on at the scene, neatly framed by the rose bushes, it struck me that it was almost in Technicolor – everything looked so vivid in the morning light it were though it was a movie set or this view was jumping out of the world towards me.

Sometimes I get mesmerised by such scenes – unable to put my finger on why they look so much more vivid than the rest of the world. Perhaps it’s when the light is just a certain way or when so many colours collide in a single space. Or perhaps, in this case, it’s the garish and slightly camp gold statue sitting in centre frame!


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