This kind of follows on from a previous train of thought, in my post I NEVER SAW AN UGLY THING IN MY LIFE.  In that I banged on about how all things are visually attractive when seen in the right way.

It has been a subject of interest since reading the John Constable quote “I’ve never seen an ugly thing in my life blah blah blah”.

Anyway, this is another set of images that fit into that category.  Taken during a stroll on Brighton beach the other day, where I was stopped in my tracks by the amazing rust on the old pillars from the West Pier.  The colour, patterns and texture are amazing.

One thing that particularly interests me about subject matter like this, is it is absolutely unique.  No two patches of rust can ever be the same – or the chances of them being the same must be horrifically minute.  Every bit of rust you see is a unique and elaborate work of art.

Actually – this isn’t my strong point by any means – I have a pop knowledge of it, but I wonder if Chaos Theory comes into play when looking at rust?  And if you looked closely enough at parts of rust, would it be a fractal? If you are a mathematical expert and have any comments on that, then great.  If not – then pretend I sound really intelligent and know all about Chaos and Fractals and how they inter-relate to rust.

Rust on Brighton Beach (2010)

Rust on Brighton Beach 2 (2010)

Rust on Brighton Beach 4 (2010)

Rust on Brighton Beach (2010)

Rust on Brighton Beach (2010)

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