The Fridge (2009)

The Fridge (2009)

Hannah would say I am nosey, I beg to differ, I would say I am infinately curious!!!

Sometimes, my own thought processess get the better of me and do make me wonder whether I want to know too much.

Let me start at the begining….the day of curiosities.


The other day, I was strolling to work and walked past a local shop.  Outside the shop stood a few young boys, perhaps around 10 or twelve years old.  They had their tuck in one hand and in the other, small change, which they were proceeding to throw onto the ground in front of them.  Obviously, I could not stop and watch small boys throwing things without serious questions being asked.  So, I had to peek quick as I walked passed.  They were clearly throwing a range of coins from coppers to 20 new pence pieces.  The throwing was not at anything or with a particular goal – just throwing for the sake of throwing.

No photographic evidence of this I’m afraid due to fear of being considered a freak!  A man a camera and young boys should never mix!

Strange I thought, why would a child thrown perfectly good money to the ground?  When  I was a youth and infact to this day, I keep all currency and spend it!  As a boy, I would certainly have kept any coppers knowing they could buy penny sweets in their own right or be used collectively to buy a more exciting treat such as a finger of fudge.

As you can imagine, this set my day off to a curious start.


Crab In The Fridge (2009)

Crab In The Fridge (2009)

Imagine my shock when I was in the staff room of the college where I work to hear a tutor announce they had just got their milk out the communal fridge to discover a crab.

Never, I thought.  A crab – a whole crab?  Who would do such a thing and why.  As soon as break had finished and lessons had begun, I knew it was safe to investigate myself without fear of reprisal.  So I went to the staff kitchen and opened the fridge.  Who would have thought – there was a crab.  A whole crab, sitting on a plate in the fridge – quite dead you understand.

Obviously keeping food in a fridge is not strange.  But a whole crab, in a communal fridge at a school?  That is odd in anyone’s book.  Had it just been caught prior to someone coming to work?  Had a munger come to the school gates to peddle his/her fishy ware?  Was there some evening class involving crab preparations?  Did the owner not care about the horrible smell it was inflicting on the other fridged items?

What ever angle I looked at it from, it was odd and I really, really, really wanted to know why it was there and who had placed it.
Again, I had to resign myself to not knowing – take a photo and move along.

Curioser and curioser.


Mystery Post (2009)

Mystery Post (2009)

So we find ourselves at the last key curios incident of the day.  My head was reeling from all the days mystery as I strolled back home to recount my tales to the ever lasting patience of Hannah.  Down an ally way next to the park I trod and into my peripheral came a post.

Not literally, I didn’t walk into anything – but awareness grew of a odd shaped post like set up, nestled amongst the foliage next to the path.

I guess there is nothing off about that as such – the photo demonstrates there is nothing out of the ordinary about the post.  Sure its bedded into a textured piece of concrete, sure it has a support strut at an exciting jaunty angle – but many posts can boast that.

The curiosity here is what is it for?  Why is it there?  It clearly serves no purpose and I can only propose that it was once part of something that is no more.  A fence perhaps, a gate, part of a hut, a sign.  So many possibilites and so few facts.


So there we have it.  A typical day with a normal number of curiosities keenly waiting for me to resolve.  Such events litter my life and my brain – eating up valuable space as I do not have the simple answers to my simple questions.

Some would say I am nosey and want to know everything – but I still maintain I am just interested in whats around me!  But here is what I propose – everyone in the world is forced by law to clearly label or mark any strange thing that they are responsible for in any way.  Or, if not practical, they should declare out loud what they are doing.  This would solve all three incidents as follows:

1) The boys could have announced their motivations as they threw their coins – E.G:
“We are throwing coins to the ground because we have more money than sense and do not have a wallet to store our loose change in”

2) The crab person could have stuck a post it note to the plate – E.G:
This crab has been placed here because I was up early and went crab fishing at the Marina but did not have time to take my catch home before work.

3) A council worker could attach a metal plate to the post – E.G:
This post was once part of a very dull fence that ran along the path before the hedge grew.  When the fence was removed, it was more hassle than it was worth to remove this post.

See what I mean?  Simple explanations of curious things would make all of us happier people.

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