Before I begin, I feel I should add a caveat here.  I am not trying to say this is the first best thing in my life that has ever happened.  More that is the first best thing in my life that I am going to share here on OurWorldMyEye.  To suggest this event is the first best thing in my life would just be a lie and no doubt an insult to the many events and people that have been the best things in my life.

Now we have cleared that up, I feel I can begin on the first best thing in my life that I am going to share with you!

I have depicted the events of the day in question in photographic comic strip format below, to better give you an insight into the great event in question.

It all began many moons ago when I first heard a track by William Onyeabor named When the Going is Smooth & Good.  Immediately this became one of the greatest tunes my ears had ever heard.  To say  I became utterly obsessed with this track and William would be an understatement – as anyone I know will confirm.

My life would now not be complete until I owned many of his records and the dream ticket would be to own Smooth & Good itself.  However, as is always the way with tunes that I fall in love with – they are rather specialised and to purchase on vinyl costs considerable amounts of cash.  This was no exception – with most of his records selling for £50 – £200.

But, ever the optimist, I regularly searched Ebay and have spent month unsuccessfully bidding on his records…until, one fateful day I won an auction for his album Atomic Bomb for a rather low fee.

So I waited for the record to wend its way from the USA.  And I waited, and I waited and I waited…

I suppose after that build up you are going to want to hear a tune?  Well, here it is.  Atomic Bomb by the man, the legend, the genius William Onyeabor.


I don’t know much about William Onyeabor.  Just he as a Nigerian Funk musician, who studied cinematography in Russia, before returning to Nigeria and making these incredible tunes in the Mid 70’s – 1980’s.  He established his own film & music production company & a label called Wilfilms Records.  He was an early pioneer of the Moog synth sound and made epic tracks often with a political spin.  Apparently he is now a High Chief in Enugu working as a successful businessman owning his own flour mill!  Random!

All I know is that his music is smooth and good!

Hope you enjoy.

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