Well Hello.

Here I am again, after my annual Summer break.  Fun was had, much much fun.

But now the Autumnal blues have begun to wash through the skies, it is time to get back on the gravy train and share my (no doubt) invaluable insights.

I did loads of shooting over the summer – on various projects as well as random holiday snaps and moments of intrigue, so I’ll be posting an odd job of random lots up as I see fit.  Also expect a load more posts for The Shot I Never Forgot, I have a backlog building, so will try to resume the 1 per week policy once more.

On returning to school after the holidays, depressed pupils are often forced into the working mode, by instantly hitting them with the task of writing an essay about their Summer Holidays.  Said pupils find that they cannot spell anymore and their arm aches after 5 minutes of writing.  They smudge the ink with their sleeve and cannot quite remember what they did during the holidays that will sound most excellent yet not induce bullying from their peers.  All too soon, they forget they have ever had a break and resign back into the routine of the daily grind once more, living for break time, weekends and the odd moment of hilarity when a fellow pupil falls of their chair.

And so it is for me returning to my duties, apart from the fact I don’t get breaks and I enjoy it really.  Anyway, to get you (and me) back in the mood, I thought I would go back to the beginning and share some images I made of the Whiterock Gardens Skate Park in Hastings on the first day of my summer break.  I have been obsessed with this park for a while, as I always drive past it on my way to work and something about the concrete edifice with so much promise of fun, always draws my attention.

I never have time to stop and shoot it, but on my first day off, the Good Lady Hannah still had to work, so I drove her to the station, armed with the Hasselblad and set off to finally get some shots of the park, in the fabulous 7am light that you only get on glorious summer days, when by the sea.

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