Those of you who have dabbled on the blog before might remember I exhibited my last project ‘Being Nobody, Going Nowhere’ as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 2012.  For those who want a reminder, you can read my post about the experience here:

While I was making this work, I was aware I wanted to show it in alternative formats.  The whole project is meant to be quite fleeting and ephemeral and it seemed appropriate to find ways to display the photographs that sat with that ‘mood’ which I had tried to capture.  For the Photo Fringe, this meant displaying it on huge panels in the windows of an abandoned department store – something I think worked really well.

A few months back, I was interested in the idea of making a moving presentation of the photographs.  I was trying to think about how to make the viewer look at the whole series in fleeting glances and so I put together a video piece, set to music, to try to capture this in another way.

Is it a success?  I am not sure and I haven’t really done anything with it since putting it together.  So, perhaps it is time it saw the light of day!  I would be interested in any thoughts – positive or negative!


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