FAREWELL OLD FRIEND (homage to my Nikon D80)

Nikon D80 SLR

Nikon D80 SLR

Well all things must come to an end and so, last week, I bade farewell to my trusted Digital SLR.

It hasn’t died – so don’t feel too sad, I have just decided to trade it in for a younger model.  Sometimes the call for newer and better features is just too much to resist.

However, it is with somewhat of a heavy heart, as from resistant beginnings, the humble D80 became a good and faithful friend, serving me well for over 5 years.

But before we get too melancholy, or welcome in the new guard – I thought I would make a fitting tribute to the life and works of this humble beast.

Please behold – every image I have ever taken on my trusty Nikon D80…

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