*** They say you should never apologise on a blog for not posting in a while – but I say, we are all friends here!  I have had a funny few months in a few ways and not been posting as much as I should, so for that I am sorry.  I am especially sorry to Jonathan who shared his image with me some time ago and I have only just got round to posing it. ***

Jonathan approached me to ask if he could be featured on the site and after looking through his website, I was struck by the diverse and striking range of photographs he takes.  It therefore seemed only appropriate to  ask him to take part in The Shot I Never Forgot and see what he would come up with.
This image is accompanied by my favourite kind of story – one where the image really did represent a turning point in his practice. 


Jonathan Cherry - Purple Fleece, Falmouth, 2009 (The Shot I Never Forgot)

Jonathan Cherry – Purple Fleece, Falmouth, 2009 (The Shot I Never Forgot)


While in my last year at University College Falmouth I spotted this woman in her purple fleece sat outside my house. I was on my way home at the time in the middle my final major project and wondering if I would ever be happy with it. Upon seeing this woman it suddenly felt right to run and get my camera asking her if I could take her picture. She agreed so I set up my 5×4 Wista Field camera on the pavement. The sun was blazing straight onto her face which is why she could barely keep her eyes open but I didn’t mind that. I was simply inspired to take her photograph and that feeling hadn’t happened for a while since I was trying to force creativity upon my University work. From that point on I changed my project’s direction to photograph some local fire fighters rather than continuing with a project about people on the night shift. This was certainly a turning point for me and there is no doubt that this woman in her purple fleece was the catalyst for it. I often refer back to this image in my mind and although I haven’t looked at it much over the years I have thought about it a great deal. So if you are in the middle of a project that you feel is going nowhere or maybe you are yet to start then find a woman in a purple fleece to photograph.


To see more of Jonathan’s work, please visit:

Jonathan also edits MULL IT OVER a fantastic series of short, quick fire interviews with Photographers:


The Shot I Never Forgot  is an on-going series of posts where I invite Photographers to share an image that has always remained with them, despite being unused.

The premise is that most photographers shoot many more images than ever see the light of day and often take some fabulous standalone images on instinct whilst making a particular body of work or project.  Because these single images do not fit the theme, they sit gathering dust in the archive.

However, there are usually a few of these images which stay in our minds as they have special significance or are too good to be lying dormant.

The Shot I Never Forgot is an invitation to share these images with the world and let them stand alone in their own right for others to enjoy.  

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