So I am amassing a fair number of films now that I have shot through my Lomo Mini Diana.  In fact, I saw that chap who started off my obsession – Mr Gosling – just yesterday and was banging onto him about my new passion!  It is a whole funny world the Lomo, some people’s only Photographic explorations are concerned solely with this medium and to say people are obsessed is an understatement!

Its brilliantly refreshing to see film being used so much again and a real love of the aesthetic for a very basic technology!  Enough mega-pixels, HDI and all that guff – bring on out of date, cross processed slide film!

As I get the films back, I have been picking out the images that are most interesting to me and slowly putting them into loose thematic sets.  You probably have already realised that, should you be a regular reader!  But, sometimes I feel the need to write something in these posts, even if it is essentially pointless!!!

On with the show.  My latest set is cunningly entitled…


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FREE DOWNLOAD – following a request in the comments below, I have made a copy of the Spongebob Squarepants image available for download for desktops and the like.  To get it, follow the instructions below:

1) Enter the code OWMEBOBL into the box below
2) Press submit – this page will then reload
3) you will then see a downloadable link to get your file

Enter download code:

Good luck and enjoy!

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