It seems that I have been to Lulworth Cove an extraordinary number of times in the past few years.  Not that going to Lulworth Cove is in itself unusual – but for some reason, I seem to have appeared in that part of the world more times than I should be welcome. So any time I have been on the Isle of Purbeck camping, cottaging or cavorting (no sexual puns intended*), I have always popped down to Lulworth Cove to see what is happening.

* As a little aside – I really have been camping and cottaging in Dorset a lot over the past few years and as I tapped out those two words, realised the potential comic way in which they could be read.  Trying to think of a third ‘C’ that I could have been doing in Purbeck (I feel that any descriptive list of alliterative verbs should always come in threes) cavorting was all I could conjure.  Upon double checking its meaning in the dictionary(, this sentence confronted me:

Jump or dance around excitedly: “monkeys leap and cavort in the branches”.

What a great definition and to actually use a monkey as an example – well, that wins hands down for me each time!

Anyway, as always, I digress.  I love Lulworth, it is a beautiful cove and you never quite know what you are going to see.

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