I first came across Martin’s photography during the 2010 Brighton Photo Fringe, where he was showing alongside some of his fellow 2nd year University students, where I featured his work in my best of the fringe reviews: BRIGHTON PHOTO BIENNIAL / FRINGE 2010 THE REVIEWS PART 1.  He has continued to produce highly original and interesting work, which is deservedly getting the attention of curators and journalists alike.  There is a nice poetry in Martin’s submission, so I hope you enjoy it.



Martin Seeds: 'My grandfather and I at a beach in Sabinillas. Spain 2009' (The Shot I Never Forgot)

Martin Seeds: ‘My grandfather and I at a beach in Sabinillas. Spain 2009’ (The Shot I Never Forgot)

I went to meet my parents one summer at their holiday apartment. A few weeks before I left my father said he wanted to give me my grandfathers box camera. The trip was meant as a get away from picture making so I didn’t bring my own camera or any agenda for making pictures.  However I decided to take a few rolls of film with me so I could try out the family heirloom. I remember it being a bugger to load, there was lots of fumbling with the film and cursing. Not wanting to purposely make pictures I just took the camera with me as I went about doing other things. I quickly realised that when I did decide to make a picture it never burdened me with any mental activity before I released the shutter. Perhaps its because it didn’t feel like a camera but more of a tin box into which my grandfather and I stared and left some quiet thoughts.


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The Shot I Never Forgot  is an on-going series of posts where I invite Photographers to share an image that has always remained with them, despite being unused.

The premise is that most photographers shoot many more images than ever see the light of day and often take some fabulous standalone images on instinct whilst making a particular body of work or project.  Because these single images do not fit the theme, they sit gathering dust in the archive.

However, there are usually a few of these images which stay in our minds as they have special significance or are too good to be lying dormant.

The Shot I Never Forgot is an invitation to share these images with the world and let them stand alone in their own right for others to enjoy.  


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