NIKON DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-135MM 1:3.5-5.6G ED


Welcome one and all – welcome back.  I would describe my postings as ‘scant’ in recent months.  Perhaps partially to my lazy, procrastinating nature, perhaps partly due to not having a lens for my D80 (regular viewers will remember the last image of the rest of my life incident) .  I have shot loads on film and all, but just haven’t had the time nor means to scan images and put them up (but I shall!).

So, after an absence for some time – what better way to start a come back post than giving it a riveting title like….

NIKON DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-135MM 1:3.5-5.6G ED

I am sure the photography geeks out there will be moderately interested in such a title, but normal everyday sensible browsers will not.  Its the kind of title that could divide a family.  So, for anyone interested in lenses and all that – here is my lens on the Nikon website with all the facts and figures you could desire.

Modeling shirt on Ebay!!!

Modeling shirt on Ebay!!!


You may recall from the summer, I had a masterplan to raise cash for my lens.  However…a small amount of thinking made me determine it would take a long time from hair brained schemes alone, to raise the money I needed.  So, that side project should be reserved for getting money to pay for the rest of the stuff on my wish list!

Instead, I sold some stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Anything I could find in fact provided:

a) I no longer needed. it; or 
b) I hadn’t looked at it/used it in two years or more.

Its a good system and turned up a plethera of clothes, bags, photography stuff etc.  A couple of months later and I had enough cash.

As you can see to my left, I even had to turn my hand to modeling – rather successfully I think you will agree!

So, after a late night bidding war (which I won in fantastic bargain hunter style), my lens arrived last Saturday.

Luckily – that weekend happened to co-incide with a general plan to attend various events around Brighton so I had the perfect chance to test the lens out and see how it felt.

Barulho Prepare To March (2009)

Barulho Prepare To March (2009)


My brother plays in a Samba Band based in Brighton called Barulho and they were playing at a protest on Saturday morning.

Can’t remember exactly what the protest was for – how bad is that!  But it was for something rather specific… Equality of rights for LGBT Mental Health patients I believe.  So went down to watch the band and got caught up in the protest while I was at it.

Check out the link to Barulho above, they are in Brighton and beyond a lot and hold open sessions regularly for any budding drummers out there.

Arch & Rust (2009)

Arch & Rust (2009)


So, I never thought I would utter the words – but I missed my Digital SLR.  A lot!

For years I held out from getting one.  For years I battered on about how it was as good as cheating and film (Medium Format specifically) was the best way to take images.  For years I spent thousands of pounds I didn’t have on processing and photographic paper.

Then – after my degree, I caved in.  I could no longer afford to regularly shoot film as the costs practically tripled without my student discount or darkroom access.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love film and for serious project work, would generally opt to use Medium Format.  But, for regular image making and the ability to take a camera everywhere and make images constantly – I love my Nikon.

Interestingly, when I first smashed the lens for it, I didn’t take any photos for about a month – I was too gutted.  Then, gradually, I started taking shots on my old Nikon FM-2 35mm.  Partially out of desperation and partially as it seemed appropriate to go from a fairly modern piece of technology to a fairly old and outdated one.

If anything I would say being forced back to 35mm and the constraints of a basic camera really helped me.  It made me more motivated to take lots of shots, made me think about my images in a different way again and I suppose I kind of fell back in love with taking photos just for the love of it and not always having to have a pre-defined goal to aim for.

Dawali Celebrations - Brighton Old Court House (2009)

Dawali Celebrations - Brighton Old Court House (2009)


Also headed down to Brighton Museum for the Dawali Celebrations.

Living in Brighton, it never fails to shock me what a white middle class kind of city it is.  Compared to towns I have lived in before, the ethnic population is very small.  So it was refreshing to find an event like this that celebrated another culture and one of it’s important days.

Much of it was aimed at kids, but it was an interesting event none the less with some interesting things to see.

I must admit to being very ignorant of the Hindu culture but learnt a bit more about Dawali and what it actually means.

Courthouse Portrait (2009)

Courthouse Portrait (2009)


The best part of the Dawali celebrations, for me, was the music on the old court house – over the way from Brighton Museum.

My brother (pictured) is a musician and was keen to check out the sounds and record some for use in his own creations as The Reverse Engineer.

Whilst I wont pretend to know anything about the music they were playing or the instruments it was played on…needless to say it was very enjoyable!

Do you know…I have just realised that this post has basically turned into one of those stories you had to write at primary school after the summer holidays…

“This summer I did lots of fun things.  I went to the zoo and saw an elephant which was good because elephants are big.  I also went to the park with my friend and we ran around a lot.  I like the summer because its hot”

Apologies if anyone else picked up on the rather bland formulaic approach I took when writing it, but there you have it – I am out of practice at Blogging!

I guess the point of this post, in summary, would be:

I got a new lens.  I tried my new lens out.  I was pleased with my new lens and pleased to have access to my digital camera again. as it will make keeping the blog up to date much easier. I also got to see a Samba band, a protest and some interesting music at the Dawali celebrations.  All in all, I am happy.

Which is better – the waffling story or the concise summary…you decide!

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