I am delighted to be able to share with you the talents of photographer Peter Gates for the latest in this series of feature posts.

Peter’s work focus around the poetry of everyday life and the moments he captures are a beautiful reflection on taking pleasure from a plethora of visual elements. I am a big fan of his work, so very happy to hand you over to present the shot he never forgot.


Peter Gates (The shot I never forgot)

Peter Gates (The shot I never forgot)

My photographic practice is a sort of personal diary, I like to record what is around me – the everyday, the over-looked and the ephemeral. An Italian gardener might think it quite normal for the trees in this picture, taken in Rome near the Colosseum, to be held straight by tripods of wooden stakes. For me though, they have a surreal charm, being both absurd and elegant at the same time, repetition emphasising their sculptural and imaginative possibilities. This photograph also has a banal, postcard like quality which I like.

Yet I don’t think it sits comfortably with my work. For a start its a landscape. It feels like there is no real point of focus. I am also unsure if it illustrates my personal viewpoint in the same way my other pictures do. Maybe this is because it references ‘the other’ ie an everyday ‘Italian’ scene not one I can claim too much familiarity with.

It is an image to which I constantly return and one day the series in which it sits may reveal itself. Alternatively it might never see the light of day again but i think that it has had enough of an impression on me  to make me want to take more pictures of things held up with sticks.


For more information on Peter and to check out more of his work (both Photographic and Illustration), please follow the links below:

Photography website:

Instagram: petergatesdotcom

Photography collective website:

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