Perhaps like many a child – I often dreamt that I would make an awesome disc jock on the old radio star.

Perhaps misguided as I have never been much of a talker!  But I can waffle on about not a lot when I have to and have always enjoyed music…so perhaps that is where my desire came from!

So, imagine my joy when one day, young Matt of Cook The Rabbit fame, asked if I wanted to participate in a radio show that he was trying to get aired on Brighton’s community station – Radio Reverb.

Hell yeah, I think was my reply.  Not because I am street or American or a gangsta rapper – just because I coudn’t think of a more enthusiastic response at the time.


To give you some background – Cook The Rabbit is a Brighton based organisation who run and promote a variety of musical events around Brighton to raise money for various charities.  I have reviewed one of their nights before – the Haiti Fundaraiser and most notably, they are currently raising money for the Kemp Town Carnival which Cook the Rabbit Events are hosting and organising to happen later this year.

It is worth a quick plug about the carnival whilst we are at it – Planning and production for the Kemp Town Carnival 2011 is underway. The event is expected to draw an audience of up to 10000 people, with attractions on the day including; The Parade of Flowers (very large samba parade), 3-4 stages with 15-20 live bands, the robot parade!!, a small army of street performers, capoeira displays, choirs, dance troupes, graffiti workshops, break dancing, an art fair, a book fair, community market, a reminiscence project, a children’s area, magicians, creative workshops….and a heap a more.

For more info or to get involved please contact…..

Radio Reverb is Brighton’s community radio station – by the people for the people!  It has a great and diverse program broadcasting all day…every day online or at 97.2 FM.

As I have played a few records at some of Cook The Rabbit’s previous events, I was invited to participate on the pilot show, which consisted of myself, brother Dave, Robin and Manu choosing a few of our favourite records whilst our capable host Ross lead the chat and the proceedings!  I felt slightly privileged to be there as the others have had much more involvement in the organisation and I am just some what of an enthusiastic fan!

Still, much fun was had and I think it went quite well for a first attempt!  The show is currently with the powers at be at Radio Reverb – who will decide if we can get ourselves a regular slot and if our show will be aired!  So fingers crossed soon I might be able to inflict the airwaves with my ramblings as well as the Internet!

I won’t talk about the show format too much or even speak much more about it, because it is not currently available for the general public to listen to.  Instead, I thought I would share with you some of the photos I took to document the day, as being in a radio studio is very exciting if not partially daunting!

I will let you know whether we get a regular show in due course!

On with the show…


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