It seems apt that Stuart is the latest Photographer to feature here, as it coincides nicely with the launch of this new book ‘Pigs’ Disco’ which documents the relationship between the Paratrooper Regiment in Belfast and the emerging rave scene, in a very honest, warts and all manner.

Stuart has led a fascinating life, which I have heard about in several talks (which I would urge anyone to attend if you get the chance) – from paratrooper to photographer via numerous twists and turns, his work forms a very open and insightful documentary into aspects of life that many of us would never have the privilege to otherwise witness. In 2010 he won the Brighton Photo Fringe Open with his fabulous show ‘Closer’ which has since been on tour around the country.

His submission to The Shot I Never Forgot is rather fine. I hope you enjoy it and explore more of his work.


Stuart Griffiths - Wednesday 1st April 2009 - G20 protest, Bank of England, London (The Shot I Never Forgot)

Stuart Griffiths – Wednesday 1st April 2009 – G20 protest, Bank of England, London (The Shot I Never Forgot)

This photo was taken at on April 1st 2009.  I like many other photographers where photographing the G20 protests in central London. There were more photographers than protesters, but at least I could relax in the fact  I was on assignment for the New York Daily News.  I remember getting excited when the light was getting low and watching this posh kid wearing a Union Jack blazer who began attacking a burning dummy with a walking stick.   He was loving all the attention along with the worlds press.  When I sent this image it was never used as someone had managed to get a photo of the Iain Tomlinson (who was unlawfully killed) and that became ‘the story’.  So despite getting excited about taking this photograph, in a way, this was just another generic view of bad craziness, the frustration of youth and how everyone nowadays has a camera.

You can see more of Stuarts work by following the links below;



Stuart’s new book ‘Pigs’ Disco’ is available now from Ditto Press


The Shot I Never Forgot  is an on-going series of posts where I invite Photographers to share an image that has always remained with them, despite being unused.

The premise is that most photographers shoot many more images than ever see the light of day and often take some fabulous standalone images on instinct whilst making a particular body of work or project.  Because these single images do not fit the theme, they sit gathering dust in the archive.

However, there are usually a few of these images which stay in our minds as they have special significance or are too good to be lying dormant.

The Shot I Never Forgot is an invitation to share these images with the world and let them stand alone in their own right for others to enjoy.  

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